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We are Bernie and Kathy, a married couple of nearly 20 years. It took us 50+ years to figure out we want and love to live in Florida by way of Wisconsin, New York, Maine, Colorado ... No wonder it took us into our 50s – we certainly took the long route. Named by explorer Ponce de Leon in 1513, “Florida” comes from the Spanish word “florido,” which means “flowery.” It certainly is. Not only do we now enjoy flowers year-round, we are surrounded by ocean.

Neither of us were born here in Florida but we are pretty certain we will die here. Bernie was born in upstate NY, very different from the NY City stereotype. I, Kathy, was born in Wisconsin. We’ve had our share of snow, blizzards, N’or Easters and our goal is to never see that four letter word s-n-o-w again. At one point in our lives together, we watched the Coast Guard cutting a path through Penobscot Bay in Maine because it was that cold, so cold the saltwater froze!

So, here we are experimenting, and can’t wait to share our love of Florida with Florida-focused wildlife and adventure gear. Fortunately, Canis Gear, our company of 20+ years sustains us comfortably as we take our first steps with Wildlife Mojo. Canis Gear sells value priced leashes and collars mainly to rescues and shelters. Check it out. You’ll find some crossover here on Wildlife Mojo with exclusively designed fun patterns on our Canis Gear leashes and collars.

A few months of the year, and we do mean a few July, August, September, it has been our custom to live — okay, more like “glamp” think outdoor shower, compost toilet — in upstate NY. We built our own off-grid cabin, just 12’x12’, powered by solar and propane for cooking and heat. We live small on the inside and big on the outside frequently kayaking on one of the Indian River Lakes. We immensely enjoy the nesting pairs of loons that make it their home and have learned so much about them so you might find a few stray loony things here at Wildlife Mojo.

NY is a long trek and another world from wild and free Florida, and although we love what we’ve built and being immersed in the Northern woods, we plan to put it up for sale this summer of 2021. It’s not all sad because we’ve decided if we can live in a 12x12 cabin, we can live in a van! A traveling, off-grid camp so to speak. That's the trade off – a van we can live and travel in and hey, it makes a heck of a hurricane backup plan. No chance of running into cold weather against our will, either.

We plan to take our van all over Florida and I think our blood has thinned enough to withstand the heat all year round! We tend to stick to the forgotten Nature Coast on the West side. In spite of Miami, Disney, Tampa – big cities and populated beaches – Florida is still home to black bear and panthers! (Not to mention alligators.) So there is definitely some Wildlife Mojo out there folks that we want to share with you. We love to kayak the many, many natural springs here in Florida, too, and of course the Gulf.

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