Get Your Wildlife Mojo On! By purchasing from our store you are making direct contributions to wildlife. Conserve and preserve!

About Us

We are Bernie and Kathy, a married couple of 18 years. Nature hippies not wanting to see our natural world decline. Independent thinkers who decided to make a difference without the help of bureaucracy. We fund conservation programs directly to help protect what we love. By purchasing our products you are conserving and preserving!

We live in Florida, a state that has much to protect, so our focus is our backyard. Dolphins, sea turtles, manatees abound so to preserve them we support the efforts of organizations Caretta Research Project, Cedar Key Dolphin Project, Save the Manatees.

We support our local backyard Seaside Seabird Sanctuary to help protect all shore birds and one of our favorite birds the Brown Pelican, who frequently suffers injuries from fishing lines.

A few months of the year we live off grid in upstate NY on a lake and enjoy immensely the nesting pairs of loons that make it their home. To conserve them, we support the efforts of the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation.

Every January we visit our special place in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where whales birth and nurture their young in Banderos Bay so we support the efforts of ECOBAC.

If you are a conservation organization interested in partnership, please message us.

Kathy is also a hobby artist ( and likes to support the arts. You will see limited runs of one-of-a-kind art collectibles from time to time. We buy directly from our artists so you are supporting the arts as well!

If you are an artist interested in creating a collectible line of art for Wildlife Mojo, please message us.

Our products are chosen to reflect our beautiful world and the creatures we share it with. By supporting our products you are helping to protect these amazing beings and to create awareness. Thank you!